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Google Partnering With Fort Worth’s Alcon Labs To Create Smart Contact Lenses

Alcon Labs

Who needs Google glasses when you can have smart contact lenses? Google released its smart lens technology earlier this year, a partnership with pharmaceutical giant Novartis could help bring it to the masses.

Imagine a contact lens that could auto focus, or monitor insulin levels through human tears. For Google, this is the vision. And that vision could become a reality, starting in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth-based Alcon Labs is teaming up with Google to develop the smart contact lenses with embedded electronics that can monitor health. 

Under the agreement, Google[x] and Alcon will collaborate to develop a “smart lens” that has the potential to address ocular conditions. 

As the Star Telegram reports, Alcon has about 4,500 employees in Fort Worth. Novartis recently announced plans to build a $35 million data center at the Alcon campus in south Fort Worth.