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Dallas Sprays Mosquitoes Again Tonight

Brittany Greene

Dallas will spray for mosquitoes tonight in eight different neighborhoods, after an increase in the number of mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus.

Crews will be in Oak Cliff and two sections of Southeast Dallas near Mesquite. They’ll also be in North Dallas above the park cities, and then farther north, near Plano. Spraying will occur late tonight and early Thursday morning, weather permitting.

The spray mist is EPA approved. But officials ask you to avoid contact with it. It breaks down harmlessly in sunlight.

To avoid bites, officials urge mosquito repellant with DEET,  and say you should stay indoors early evenings and nighttime. If you’re outside, cover your arms and legs. You can also help cut down on mosquito breeding by eliminating stagnant water.

Here is  a map of tonight’s spray areas.