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Few Health Complaints Following Aerial Mosquito Spraying

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The North Texas Poison Control Center says its hotline has received very few calls about health problems following aerial spraying for mosquitoes.

In Dallas County’s first week of spraying the poison center received just 16 calls from people who said they were exposed to the pesticide known as Duet.

From August 16 when aerial spraying began through August 22:

  • 5 callers reported headaches after being exposed to the spray
  • 4 complained of skin irritation
  • 2 reported problems breathing
  • 2 reported no clinical effects after exposure to spray
  • 3 reported concerns

Director Melody Gardner says in most cases poison specialists suggested at-home remedies.
“If they had minor skin irritation we would give them directions on how to wash themselves off,” said Gardner.

If callers complained of minor respiratory problems including coughing specialists would recommend fresh air or steam showers.

“If they are having shortness of breath or any more serious respiratory issues we sent them in to see their primary care (doctor) or the ER,” Gardner said.

Gardner says staff told several callers who reported breathing difficulty they should see a physician.

Denton County has also used aerial spraying to combat the spread of West Nile virus by mosquitoes.