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Parkland Hospital Board Promises Problems Will Be Fixed

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Parkland's Board of Directors met with federal hospital inspectors Friday to go over a plan to fix serious safety and patient-care problems identified by an independent auditor. 

Board members Cobie Russell and Jerry Bryant say it’s going to be a huge job.

Russell: We have our marching orders. There’s no question about that. It’s a heavy load, but nothing we can’t do.

Bryant: It may take more than the hands and feet than we have internally to do it. And I think the Board would agree we will provide the resources that are required.

The Parkland Board is not making the action plan public. The Board also declined to make public the recent audit detailing Parkland’s deficiencies.

Interim CEO Dr. Thomas Royer today promised the Board and the public that that Parkland’s problems will be corrected.

If they’re not, Parkland would lose all Medicare and Medicaid funding, more than 50% of its budget.