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Dallas City Council can’t agree on redistricting map — and the clock is ticking

The view of the Dallas Skyline from Dallas City Hall.
Keren Carrión
Dallas City Council has until June 29 to approve a redistricting map. If the council does not adopt a plan before the deadline, the proposed map by the redistricting commission will pass.

Dallas City Council is running out of time to approve a redistricting map that will determine if some neighborhoods stay together or split apart. The council failed to pass a final map at Wednesday's meeting.

Council members rejected 7 out 8 modifications that were supposed to help adjust the proposed redistricting map to fit the needs of Dallas communities.

Council Member Carolyn King Arnold hoped to move the Kiest Park neighborhood into Council District 4, but that motion failed. And Council Member Paula Blackmon wanted to move the Lakewood Shopping Center into District 9. That modification was also rejected.

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Jaime Resendez’s proposed an extension the southwest boundary of District 5 to include River Ranch and the Texas Horse Park. That was the only modification that passed.

“The Horse Park will be a significant asset around in which future District 5 leadership can rally and maximize the facility’s potential and benefits of the community," Resendez said.

After hours of debate, the majority of the council decided it was best to postpone the final map vote.

“I personally do believe we are done,” said Council Member Omar Narvaez. “If a line changes here or there it is not really going to make a difference. We are going to go through a really long process.”

Council Member Paul Ridley said the council has had plenty of time to make a decision.

“Prior to today's meeting, all council members had a week at least to prepare and submit their modifications. I think it's time we took a vote,” Ridley said.

A new map must be approved by June 29.

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Alejandra Martinez is a reporter for KERA and The Texas Newsroom through Report for America (RFA). She's covering the impact of COVID-19 on underserved communities and the city of Dallas.