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T.C. Broadnax Of Tacoma, Wash. Will Return To Texas As Dallas' New City Manager

Exterior of Dallas City Government Building
Library of Congress
Wikimedia Commons
Dallas City Hall in 2014.

T.C. Broadnax, who's spent four years as city manager in Tacoma, Wash., officially has the top city staff job in Dallas. The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to hire him as the next city manager.

Broadnax will start his new position on Feb. 1. He will replace City Hall veteran A.C. Gonzalez, who’s retiring in January after three years on the job. Broadnax will be responsible for oversight of more than 13,000 municipal employees and a current Dallas annual budget of $3.1 billion.

Broadnax has been the city manager in Tacoma since 2012. He previously worked for five years as the assistant city manager in San Antonio. He earned his master’s degree in public administration from the University of North Texas in 1993.

Broadnax was one of five finalists for city manager. More than 100 people applied for the position to run Dallas' day-to-day operations.

Other finalists included three other candidates from outside Dallas. Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley is president and CEO of JLB Group. Maura Black Sullivan is the chief operating officer for the city of Chattanooga, Tenn. Jim Twombly is director of administration and city manager in Tulsa, Okla.

Mark McDaniel, an assistant city manager for Dallas, was the only internal finalist.

The five underwent a series of interviews leading up to a special meeting last Friday, where the city council discussed the candidates and settled on Broadnax.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.