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What's the best barbecue joint in North Texas? You decide

A person wearing black gloves uses a knife to cut through barbecue ribs.

When you think Texas, what do you think of?

Could be a number of things. Football. Bluebonnets. Cowboy hats.

But one big thing comes to mind for many people, and it’s barbecue.

Texas is practically synonymous with barbecue. Cooking huge slabs of meat low and slow is a way of life here, and devouring tender, flavorful, smoky slices of brisket is one of the greatest privileges of living here.

There’s no shortage of wonderful barbecue places in Texas, most especially North Texas. But what’s the best barbecue joint here?

It’s a tough question to ask, but we’re asking it. And we want you to weigh in with your opinion. We've picked 16 of North Texas' most well-known, beloved barbecue places, and we want you to pick the best.

This represents the first round, and voting starts today. There will be four rounds of voting until we finally crown the winner.

Happy voting!