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Educating Dyslexic Kids In Texas

Texas was the first state in 1985 to pass a law requiring students to test and treat students with dyslexia, but many parents still feel schools aren’t doing enough to help dyslexic kids.

KUT News in Austin aired a story today that looks at one student’s struggle with the learning disorder. Ben Shrader, who has a severe form of dyslexia, was home schooled in elementary and middle school and now attends a private school in Austin. Today, he reads at a second grade level.

The issue of educating dyslexic students has gotten more attention recently. In Austin, there are plans next year to open a campus specifically for students like Ben.

And later this year, the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity’s Multicultural Dyslexia Awareness Initiative will host a symposium on the topic in cities around the country, including Houston.

Via KUT: What It's Like to be a Dyslexic Student in Austin