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More Dallas Students Took SAT Tests But Few Hit The Benchmark

Fewer than 20 percent of all Dallas seniors in 2013 met the critical reading benchmark, according to the SAT scores just out. That means more than 80 percent missed it.

Twenty-nine percent met the benchmark in math, and only 16.1 percent met it in writing.

Among African Americans who took the 2013 test, only 13 percent hit the reading benchmark. In math, nearly 19 percent scored the benchmark, and fewer than 10 percent hit the benchmark in writing.

Fewer than 20 percent of Hispanic seniors in 2013 hit the benchmarks in reading and writing, while slightly more, nearly 30 percent hit it in math.

Among White students, more than 60 percent of 2013 seniors hit the benchmarks in reading math, and writing.

More DISD kids in total took the SAT in 2013 than they did two years ago.

Looking at ethnic breakdowns, more Hispanics took the test, 509, than took it two years ago.

However, 76 fewer DISD African American students, and 14 fewer White students took the test in 2013 than took it in 2011.