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Why Walkability Matters In North Texas

Jeff Whittington
Chris Leinberger

Chances are you probably didn’t walk to work today – but walkability is one of the big topics at the 23rd annual Congress for the New Urbanism being held in Dallas this week. 

Chris Leinberger, a land use strategist and developer, professor at George Washington University and nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, is in town to address the conference. 

Interview Highlights: Chris Leinberger…

… On one big benefit of a walkable urban environment:

“There are health benefits, of course. We’ve now proven that driving makes you fat. We know that for a fact. And the obesity epidemic and diabetes and all the rest that have been driving up health care costs are directly related to our land use.”

… On building walkable neighborhoods in suburbia:

“You’re going to see and you are seeing these kinds of walkable urban places developed throughout the entire region. It is not just the turnaround of downtown Dallas – it’s going to be the urbanization of the suburbs. And you’re seeing it in Plano and Addison Circle.”

… On the difference that DART is making:

“You have 70, 80 stations that are seeing walkable urban development beginning to congeal around them. And it’s going to be your future.”