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Two parallel concrete walls are covered in graffiti murals. A stream of water runs between them. Most of them are multi-colored with sharp lines and edges.
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The Walls of Pleasant Grove

The Walls of Pleasant Grove are in a drainage canal that flows south and feeds into Elam Creek. It's half a mile long, and features graffiti from artists places like Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and even Toronto. (Toluwani Osibamowo / KERA)
Though Branch's art has won the support of the community and city leaders, he said some residents have tried to ruin the walls by spraying a streak of white paint as seen here. (Toluwani Osibamowo / KERA)
Most of the art on The Walls of Pleasant Grove is Branch's, but other artists come down to the canal to paint, too. Several people have used the walls to pay tribute to loved ones they've lost. (Toluwani Osibamowo / KERA)
The drainage canal runs under Lake June Road in Pleasant Grove. Under this bridge is where Branch created his first piece. (Toluwani Osibamowo / KERA)
A piece is a highly stylized artist signature, usually just a few letters. Less intricate graffiti staples are tags or throw-ups, which are simpler ways an artist can make their mark. (Toluwani Osibamowo / KERA)