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What makes the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth a work of art itself? Watch the story.

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth synthesizes earth, water, and natural light to create the ideal venue for viewing art.

This episode of the KERA video series "The Shape of Texas" explores how renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando designed a work of art to house modern art.

The "Modern", as locals call it, contrasts beautifully with neighboring Kimbell Art Museum. Ando was influenced by the use of natural light in the construction of the Kimbell, and wished to accentuate the light of the ever-present Texas sun in his design.

The museum stands partly atop a large pond for two key reasons. The water reflects light even further into the building's floor to ceiling windows, and acts as a barrier to some of the sound emanating from the nearby highway.

The thousands of contemporary art pieces that make up the museum's collection reside in a venue that is, itself, a work of art.

KERA's “The Shape of Texas” video series explores how our built environment holds our history, reflects our diverse cultures and projects our ambitions for the future. From the glittery, kitschy Beer Can House in Houston to the soaring Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, architecture helps tell the story of who we are in Texas.

Find out more about the Museum of Modern Art as well as other Fort Worth area museums.

Max Chow-Gillette is the Fall 2022 Art&Seek intern.