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Stephen Colbert wonders why the Cowboys haven't asked St. Vincent to sing the National Anthem

Stephen Colbert joking with St. Vincent on "The Late Show" Wednesday 7/27
The Late Show
Stephen Colbert joking with St. Vincent on "The Late Show" Wednesday 7/27

The singer sat in this week with the band for "The Late Show."

Dallas musician Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, has been sitting in this week on The Late Show, playing with house band Stay Human led by guitarist Louis Cato while Jon Baptiste is away.

During an early break in Wednesday evening's program, Colbert chatted with St. Vincent about Dallas — Colbert's never been here, he said, and wanted to know what the Dallas native could tell him about it. She said that whenever she tells people she's from Dallas, they typically tell her, 'Oh! I really love Austin."

Colbert complimented St. Vincent for her cover of the Beatles' song 'Dig A Pony' — he called it even better than the original.

St. Vincent doesn't think "Dig A Pony," John Lennon's love song to Yoko Ono is "garbage" -- and shows why.

Which led the TV host to wonder whether she followed the Cowboys — "I did in 1994" — "A quality year," he agreed. " A quality year."

[The Cowboys were 12-4 that season — and blew their chance to be the first NFL franchise with a 'three-peat" at the Super Bowl.]

Colbert asked whether the Cowboys have ever asked St. Vincent to play the National Anthem before a game.

"No, but I've been trying to."

"And they have yet to take you up on your offer?"

"They have never."

"Cowboys," Colbert said, addressing the team directly via the camera. "You're passing up an enormous opportunity here. You can save money — because she can accompany herself on the guitar.

"And if you don't let her do this, she's gonna walk and sing the National Anthem for — whatever Austin's football team is."

Stephen Colbert: Dallas Cowboys, Please Book St. Vincent To Play The National Anthem

Jerome Weeks is the Art&Seek producer-reporter for KERA. A professional critic for more than two decades, he was the book columnist for The Dallas Morning News for ten years and the paper’s theater critic for ten years before that. His writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, American Theatre and Men’s Vogue magazines.