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NPR's Holiday Gift Giving Guide

NPR Shop spread

Do you have an NPR fan in your life? From masks to mugs to hoodies and socks, the NPR Shop has got you covered head to toe.

With hundreds of items to choose from, NPR is your one-stop shop for holiday gift buying. Check out our gift guide HERE.

Be sure to take advantage of our black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Between November 27th and 30th, use promo code NPRGIFT20 and receive 20% off your entire purchase!

Still not sure what to buy? See our suggestions for the special people in your life:

Gifts for your loved one:

  • THE NPR ROBE -The NPR Robe is a stay at home must. It's soft and comfy cozy and pairs well with keeping up with the news, as well as binge watching Tiny Desk Concerts.
  • THE "I HEART NPR" CREWNECK - Do you wanna look cool but also stay warm? This simple, classic sweatshirt will be your new fav.
  • Gifts for someone who's impossible to shop for:

    Soup Mug
    / NPR

  • THE NPR SOUP MUG - Are you a soup-er fan of NPR news and programming? This 24 oz. ceramic mug, etched with the I Heart NPR logo on both sides, is the perfect size for soup, chili, or even a regular-sized serving of cocoa with a triple serving of marshmallow!
  • "YOUR SONG CHANGED MY LIFE" - This new book from Bob Boilen, the beloved host and creator of NPR's All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts, is an essential oral history of modern music, told in the voices of iconic and up-and-coming musicians
  • Gifts for the true public radio nerd:

  • THE "PUBLIC RADIO NERD" BASEBALL TEE - Batter up nerds. Show off your inner nerd and make it easy for your public radio nerd friends to find you in a crowd!
  • THE "PUBLIC RADIO NERD" SOCKS - Nerds need socks too. Express your inner nerd with our Public Radio Nerd socks.
  • Gifts for the news junkie:

    Podcast Waterbottle
    / NPR

  • THE "SUPPORT, REPORT, REPEAT" TOTE - With the purchase of this bag you've done the first step since all purchases from the NPR shop support programming, but don't forget to check out the latest news , and then come back and do it all again!
  • THE NPR PODCAST WATERBOTTLE - Featuring fourteen of our podcast tiles wrapped around the bottle, this bottle is the perfect drinkware option for the NPR podcast super-fan!
  • Gifts for the puzzle lover:

    Studio Puzzle
    / NPR

  • THE NPR STUDIOS 500 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE - If your family is anything like mine, holidays and vacations bring us together in a special way. We gather around the big table and we, as my sister says, "work a puzzle". This time-tested tradition is a great way to get everyone involved—even the most disconnected teen will have a hard time resisting the call of the jigsaw!
  • THE SOUND COMMUNITY 1000 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE - The same, only bigger for twice the puzzle fun.
  • Gifts for the cool kids:

    NPR AF Tee
    / NPR

  • THE "NPR AF" HEATHER GREY TEE - Does your day begin and end with NPR? Are you always updating your friends and family on the latest news, music, and podcasts from NPR? If so, you might be NPR AF! AND THAT'S TOTALLY COOL WITH US! (Bonus: This acronym will confuse your relatives).
  • THE "LOUDER THAN A RIOT" BEANIE - Have you been listening to our new podcast Louder Than a Riot? If not, trust us you're missing out! Let this beanie showcase just how much of a fan you are of this podcast exploring the intersectionality between rhyme and punishment in America.
  • Gifts for youngsters:

    Tiny Desk Kids Tee
    / NPR

  • THE TINY DESK KID'S TEE - Does your kid love Tiny Desk as much as you do? Then this soft, black Tiny Desk tee is the best way for them to rep their love for the popular video series! Don't forget to keep up with new performances at Tiny Desk: NPR.
  • THE NPR YOYO - Life has it's ups and downs, so revisit the good times of your childhood with the NPR Yoyo! This wooden axel yo-yo will instantly bring back nostalgic, joyful moments of being a kid and finding fun in the simplest things, such as this yo-yo!
  • Gifts for the pet:

    NPR Pet Bandana
    / NPR

  • THE NPR PET BANDANA - We can't imagine a better way for your pet to show off their inner nerd than having them sport their new favorite bandana! It's trendy to be a public radio nerd. All the cool cats are wearing it.
  • THE NPR CAT COLLAR BOWTIE - Is your cat as big a fan of public radio as you are? Let's make sure the whole world knows by showing it off on their very own Public Radio Cat Collar!
  • The Gift that Keeps Giving:

  • - For curious minds and curious taste buds, we present the NPR Wine Club—a wonderful way to explore the world of wine and raise a glass to support public radio.
  • - The best part of your day, delivered.
  • You can choose between a rotating selection of Single Origins, hand-picked by our in-house coffee team, or a Year Round Blend that's got a consistent flavor profile. A portion of all proceeds from buying coffee through the supports NPR Programming.

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    Ben Fishel