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Watch AT&T Create A Jordan Spieth Mosaic Using 24,000 Golf Balls (Video)

AT&T used 24,152 golf balls to create this mosaic of Jordan Spieth.

AT&T created a mosaic of 24,152 golf balls in downtown Dallas to honor Dallas’ very own Jordan Spieth. Watch how AT&T did it in this cool time-lapse video.

AT&T says:

AT&T Athlete Jordan Spieth hit his golf ball 6,080 times during the 2015 season. That was enough to earn five victories as well as Player of the Year honors. Today, we’re celebrating all of those shots with the help of some 24,152 golf balls and tees. We’ve assembled this bevy of balls on tees to build our own “masterpiece” to honor all of Jordan’s accomplishments this year. All of these golf balls make up a larger-than-life mosaic of Jordan at Main Street Garden Park in downtown Dallas. Just like Jordan’s season, it’s truly a work of art. The mosaic is open to the public through Oct. 29. After that, we’ll deconstruct the mosaic and donate the balls and tees to the Dallas chapter of The First Tee.