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Sarah Jaffe Says Recording Her New Album Wasn't Easy

Dane Walters
Sarah Jaffe performed Aug. 21 for KXT's Live Sessions. Her new album, "Don't Disconnect," is available now.

Sarah Jaffe got her start strumming and singing in the clubs of Denton and Deep Ellum.  Her third album, Don't Disconnect, was released Tuesday and fans from the old days may not recognize her. The 28-year-old has embraced a new, lush electronic dance sound.  

Interview Highlights: Sarah Jaffe...

...On recording her album, Don't Disconnect, in Marfa:

"I just liked the idea -- the bare bones -- of Marfa, Texas. So I rented a house there for a few weeks, and it wasn't easy. I thought I would go out there and it would be just a waterfall of ideas, and of course, it didn't work out that way."

...On featuring on Eminem's song, "Bad Guy": 

S1 messaged me, asking if I wanted to write some hip-hop hooks, and I of course, immediately replied, 'absolutely.' Two days before Eminem's record came up, I saw a picture of the back of the CD on Twitter, and I saw 'Bad Guy' was on no. 1. So [S1 and I] kind of celebrated, but neither of us had heard the song until it came out.

...On her family history with the Majestic Theater, where she'll be performing Aug. 23: 
"My grandmother went on her very first date with my grandfather in the 40s. My grand-daddy asked her out on a date and they walked over to see a movie at the Majestic."

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