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Early Voting Turnout Is Breaking Records

By Bill Zeeble, KERA Reporter

Dallas, TX – Early voting is setting statewide turnout records, and the same is holding true in Dallas. KERA's Bill Zeeble reports voters should expect long lines at some early-polling places, especially Friday.

Dallas County is already 100,000 votes ahead of the last presidential election's early turnout, which set the record. And Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet expects early turnout will stay high through Friday at 7 p.m., when early voting ends.

Sherbet: I think the long lines could be an hour long, hour and a half long in some situations on Friday, especially in the afternoon.

Sherbet urges voters to arrive at the early polling place with some from of ID, including a voter registration card, drivers license or even a utility bill. He also suggests checking the county's elections web page for early voting locations. That way, he says, voters can save time by avoiding the busiest ones. Sherbet also expects more people might cast ballots during early voting than end up turning out next Tuesday, Election Day.