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Dallas Mayor Announces Scholarship Plan

By Bill Zeeble, KERA reporter

Dallas, TX – The initial 6-hundred-25 thousand dollar fund from the energy company will primarily target disadvantaged freshmen and sophomores. They'll be encouraged to maintain b' averages and excel. Leppert said by starting with young high schoolers, he hopes more will reach college.

Mayor Leppert: I think this fund will make college education more available to hundreds of at-risk kids in Dallas . this will truly make a difference. It will change students lives. In the end that's what we need to make happen. To realize the potential of Dallas.

Chesapeake Energy offered the same scholarship dollars to Fort Worth. In addition, both cities can leverage another million and a quarter dollars from the company by raising that money on its own. Mayor Leppert will donate 50 thousand dollars of his salary to the fund for the next 4 years.