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Tom Leppert Wins Dallas Mayor's Race

By By: Sujata Dand

Dallas, TX –

Natural sound: Crowds: Its Leppert time in Dallas. No more Miller time.

Sujata Dand, Reporter: The bacon wrapped chicken and turkey sandwiches were disappearing fast at Gilley's on Saturday night. And, by the time businessman Tom Leppart took the stage to announce his victory over City Councilman Ed Oakley there was standing room only.

Tom Leppert, Dallas Mayor-Elect: As we go forward I want to make sure that we have a city government that matches the goodness and the optimism of the people of Dallas.

Dand: Leppert spent 2 million dollars in his campaign for mayor - most on advertising. He prided himself on keeping his campaign clean. That impressed Billy Preston who joined a crowd of supporters representing all parts of Dallas.

Billy Preston, Voter: Both of them are good people, but Leppert's opponent got so dirty that like when you're throwing mud, daddy always said, you're losing ground. That's one reason I'm supporting Leppert.

Dand: This was Leppert's first time to run for office. Observers believe his Republican credentials and his tireless campaigning in North and South Dallas attracted people to the polls.

Leppert: This is the people of Dallas have simply given us an opportunity- an opportunity to prove that indeed we can bring the city together. We can reduce crime, we can improve education and we can truly generate benefits throughout this community. I understand in reality the work is starting right now .We're going to make this the finest city in America.

Dand: From Leppert's Victory Party, I'm Sujata Dand.