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Dallas City Council Fields Seven New Members

By Bill Zeeble, KERA reporter

Dallas, TX – With the 4 contested Dallas City Council races in the southern sector settled, fully half the city council's brand new, with a freshman leader. These newcomers face the same impending issue, according to District 5 Council person-elect, Vonciel Jones Hill.

Vonciel Jones Hill, incoming district 5 council member: We're going to have to move very quickly. The first thing we must deal with is bugdet. So we'll need to get in and run. By August, we must be up and running. We will not have a lot of time for a honeymoon.

Zeeble: They'll get help and advice from veteran council members like Doctor Elba Garcia. The city's Mayor Pro Tem says every sitting member's there to help.

Dr. Elba Garcia, Dallas Mayor Pro Tem: What I did when I got elected was pretty much focus on the issues that I wanted to make a difference. Then, look in the budget. See how much is allocated to each of those issues. If there's enough, how could you distribute it equally to all the districts. If not, how can you increase that amount?

Zeeble; Garcia says the trick to success, and the hardest thing, is maintaining open communications among colleagues and the city manager.

Garcia: Don't take anything personal. Remember, politics don't matter. What really matters is to serve the citizens of Dallas.

Zeeble: The new mayor and council generally agree that means reducing crime, then focusing on economic development. The newly elected Dallas leaders officially start their new jobs June 25th, a week from tomorrow. For KERA 90.1 I'm Bill Zeeble