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2nd Place - Richardson LWV Essay Contest

By Molly Francis, Parkhill Jr. High School

Dallas, Texas –

"Why I Will Register and Vote When I Turn Eighteen"

Some people think that voting is a waste of time and effort. They think, what's the point? How is my one, single vote going change anything? That's where they have the wrong idea. Just think if every U.S. citizen that was eligible to vote said that same thing! Nothing would ever be accomplished. If no one decides to vote, the immediate result is that no one is elected, no laws are passed, and no changes are made, even if they could really help America prosper.

I will definitely register and vote when I turn eighteen, even for the smaller issues that may not be publicized as much as electing a new president. Small issues can add up to larger issues. I am very opinionated and I never pass up a chance to let people know what I think. I plan to show my support for the political leaders with which I agree.

Voting is not only a privilege in our country, but a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. I will not choose the candidate who has the prettiest face to go on a postage stamp, or the best speech on TV. I will choose the candidate (or law) who I think will do the best job for my family, my friends, and my country. Since voting is a privilege, I plan to vote to make a difference.

In some countries, people don't have any say in their government or their leaders. People in the United States are so fortunate. It is wrong for Americans to take voting for granted. Our system of government, by the people and for the people, works well. However it won't work at all if no one decides to voice their opinion through their vote. That's why I am going to register and vote when I am eighteen. See you at the ballot box!

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