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Craddick announces House appointments to Sunset Commission

Austin, TX –

Today, Speaker Tom Craddick (R - Midland) released the names of House of Representatives appointees to the Sunset Advisory Commission.

"The members who have been chosen for the Sunset Advisory Commission are individuals who are dedicated to government efficiency," Speaker Craddick said. "I have confidence their recommendations will reflect the Sunset Commission's mandate of government accountability."

The chairmanship and the vice-chairmanship alternate every two years between the Senate and the House. The Speaker designated Rep. Vicki Truitt (R - Keller), who has served on the Commission since October 2003, as vice chair of the Commission. She will serve in that position until September 1, 2007. The other new appointees are Rep. Glenn Hegar (R - Katy), Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (D - San Antonio) and Rep. Carl Isett (R - Lubbock). Each appointee will serve a four-year term.

The Sunset Advisory Commission is a 12 member body of legislators and public members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. They are assisted by a staff whose reports provide an assessment of agency programs. The Commission then draws conclusions about the agencies under review based on the reports.

The Sunset process works by setting a date on which an agency will be abolished unless legislation is passed to continue its functions. This creates an opportunity for the Legislature to study each agency closely and make fundamental changes to its mission or operations if necessary. Agencies are typically reviewed every 12 years and up to 30 can go through the Sunset process each legislative session.