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Greer Resigns as Executive Director of Texas Lottery Commission

By J. Lyn Carl,

Austin, TX –

Reagan Greer, the executive director of the Texas Lottery Commission on the hot seat of late over inflated Lotto jackpot figures, today resigned from his post.

In a letter to Commission Chairman Tom Clowe, Greer noted that "it has become clear that intense, ongoing efforts to restore Texans' confidence in the Lottery can best be advanced through a change of leadership." Greer's resignation was effective at 5:30 p.m. today.

Greer came under fire after admitting that he approved inflating Lottery jackpot amounts in order to boost ticket sales.

It appeared that he was not going to bow to pressure from some to resign, as only two days ago he wrote a letter to State Auditor John Keel asking for an investigation into the policies and procedures of his agency.

However, the three-member commission was scheduled to meet Monday, July 18, and there were rumors that Greer's job might be in jeopardy.

At a recent meeting of the House Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures, Greer admitted to approving the inflated figures. Also at the meeting, it was noted that a former Lottery employee recently was fired after he warned of a possible jackpot shortfall because of the inflated figures. Lottery officials said it had nothing to do with the inflated jackpot numbers. At that same hearing, Clowe called the inflated figures a "deception" and laid the blame squarely at the feet of Greer.

"From the moment I learned of issues related to the estimation and advertising of Lotto Texas jackpots," said Greer in a statement today, "I have endeavored to shine the light on the issue, to determine the extent of the problem and to take swift and decisive actions to correct it." He said Lottery officials will continue to put study ways to " further enhance the Lottery's operational procedures."

In his letter to Clowe, Greer said he will "depart with full confidence and deep pride in knowing that I leave the Commission better than when I arrived."