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Sessions defeats Montoya-Coggins in Congressional Dist.5

By Bill Zeeble, KERA 90.1 reporter

Dallas, TX – Bill Zeeble , KERA 90.1 reporter: In the 5th congressional district, incumbent Republican Pete Sessions has won re-election for a third consecutive term, with 53% of the vote. He defeated Democratic challenger Regina Montoya Coggins, in her first race. Libertarian Ken Ashby snared 2% of the district?s votes. Unlike his last race, when Mr. Sessions faced poorly-funded free-spirit Democrat Victory Morales, this time Sessions was up against a well-funded and much better-organized Regina Montoya Coggins. But in the raucously upbeat hotel party room filled with happy Republicans, Sessions said he easily faced - then beat - the Democrat with his own conservative message and proposals for elderly health care.

Pete Sessions, incumbent Republican Congressman, District 5: Her prescription drug message that she?s taken everywhere and always talks about was a loser to our message. We were at 57%, well ahead with seniors and well ahead with women.

Zeeble: Regina Montoya Coggins campaigned on the Democratic party?s prescription drug plan more than on any other issue, including social security and education. Shortly after 10 pm, she conceded to Sessions.

Regina Montoya Coggins, Democratic candidate, Congressional District 5: We ran a positive message, and we were there for the people, and we brought out the issues of reducing the high cost of prescription drug[s]. But I?ll tell you what, we?re going to be back again.

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Zeeble: Montoya Coggins said she planned to stay involved in the district and will continue to pursue the health care issue. She also said she?d take some time off before deciding for certain whether she?ll challenge Mr. Sessions again in two years. The Congressman says he?s not concerned, reiterating District 5 voters are conservative, have now elected him three times, and approve of his plans for more tax cuts and less federal government. For KERA 90.1, I?m Bill Zeeble.