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"There's a sense of hopelessness and it's not a coincidence that anhedonia is strongly linked to suicidal behaviors and suicide in and of itself because at its very severest form the person in essence is somewhat giving up."
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'Teaching Joy' Is A New Approach In The Battle Against Anhedonia

People who find themselves unable to experience delight or satisfaction may be suffering from something called anhedonia, a symptom of depression that strips people of their ability to feel joy. Professors at Southern Methodist University are part of a five-year study aiming to develop a more effective treatment.

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Dallas, TX – Open: Dallas begins the New Year with a new mayor. On January 19th, voters will decide who will lead at Dallas City hall. Today, the frontrunners go head-to-head in this special Vote 2002 debate.

Marla Crockett, Moderator and Host, KERA 90.1's "The People's Agenda": Thanks for joining us. I'm Marla Crockett.

Dallas, TX – Crockett: A survey by the Associated Press recently indicated that Dallas is more segregated than a lot of its suburbs. Why is that the case, Mr. Garcia?

Dallas, TX – Crockett: Ms. Miller. 30 seconds for each of you. Go ahead.

Dallas, TX – Bill Zeeble, KERA 90.1 Reporter: Standing on the DART platform by Union Station, Dunning urged the development of downtown Main Street and other parts of Dallas by appointing someone in city hall who would make city business go easier for businesses.

Dallas, TX – Dallas Independent School District [DISD] teacher: When I read in the newspaper the thought of portables no longer being in existence, it was very thrilling - you know, that we could all have children in the building where we wouldn't have to worry about the weather and, you know, varmints and things like that.

Dallas, TX – 1. Mulholland Drive
2. Bully
3. In the Bedroom
4. The Others
5. Moulin Rouge
6. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
7 L.I.E.
8. The Man Who Wasn't There
9. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
10. Am?lie

Dallas, TX – Bill Zeeble, KERA 90.1 Reporter: This shortened race has been crammed between former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk's resignation on November 7th and the upcoming election on Jan 19th - two weeks from today. For weeks, candidate polls have reportedly shown former Council member Miller leading both insurance executive Tom Dunning and State Representative Domingo Garcia. So as of yesterday, there is a new Tom Dunning TV ad attacking Miller's style.

Dallas, TX – Bill Zeeble, KERA 90.1 Reporter: Cathedral of Faith Baptist Church pastor H. J. Johnson backed Dunning, whom he's worked with for years and calls "a Moses who could lead residents to the promised land."

H. J. Johnson, Pastor, Cathedral of Faith Baptist Church: I love him 'cause he doesn't make commitments about things that cannot happen.

Dallas, TX – Bill Zeeble, KERA 90.1 Reporter: The black religious leaders called the candidate "a Moses who could lead the city to the promised land." Dunning said creating more jobs was a key issue in his campaign and he'd do that by helping businesses.

Tom Dunning, Candidate for Dallas Mayor: And make sure businesses are getting city services they need from City Hall; are getting the response they need from City Hall; and make sure City Hall is user-friendly.

Dallas, TX – I was waiting at Dallas Love Field that perfect morning, November 22, 1963, to see President and Mrs. Kennedy. Barely 18, my freshman college mid-terms were scheduled that afternoon.


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KERA checks in with residents in Northeast Texas following a raid at a factory.

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