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"There's a sense of hopelessness and it's not a coincidence that anhedonia is strongly linked to suicidal behaviors and suicide in and of itself because at its very severest form the person in essence is somewhat giving up."
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'Teaching Joy' Is A New Approach In The Battle Against Anhedonia

People who find themselves unable to experience delight or satisfaction may be suffering from something called anhedonia, a symptom of depression that strips people of their ability to feel joy. Professors at Southern Methodist University are part of a five-year study aiming to develop a more effective treatment.

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Dallas, TX – Who doesn't remember their favorite toy? Unless of course it's the new Z you're driving, and lucky you. Well, toys are changing and here's a look at what we can expect. I'm Maxine Shapiro with KERA Marketplace Midday.

Dallas, TX – I saw it just the other day. A sign on a converted old house on West Lover's Lane promising that one could find Medicine and Martial Arts within. Could anyone see that sign and not be curious? Signs are an important part of city life. They're good for business and sometimes for a laugh during their lifetimes, and they engender nostalgia and even legend when they're gone.

Dallas, TX – A mom who lives up the street from us recently announced she wanted to start a special Cub Scout Den for her son and a few of his friends. The established den - the one my son belongs to - was, this Mom said, simply "too nerdy."

Come again?

Austin, TX – - Because two million working Texans do not have health insurance, Sen. Kip Averitt (R-Waco) today filed SB 10 in an effort to make offering affordable health insurance easier for Texas businesses.

The fundamental problem that keeps small Texas businesses from offering health insurance coverage for their employees is affordability, said Averitt in a press conference today. "The primary obstacle is cost. They simply can't afford it."

Dallas, TX – Should the United States lift the 40-year trade embargo on Cuba? Many unsuccessful pleas have been made over the past decade. Now, even some political allies of President Bush are saying, "Enough." I'm Maxine Shapiro with KERA Marketplace Midday.

Austin, TX – A real American hero was honored by the Texas Senate today as Senate Resolution 147 recognized Congressman Sam Johnson of Plano on the 30th anniversary of his release from a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp.

The resolution was offered by Sen. Florence Shapiro, also of Plano. Johnson received a rousing standing ovation when introduced and was given the rare opportunity of addressing those in the chamber, in a break from Senate tradition.

Dallas, TX – Maybe it was the cry for peace heard everywhere on the planet this weekend. Maybe it was the snow on the East Coast that took focus away from the possibility of war. Drums can barely be heard over a snowplow. Whatever, the market is positive today continuing the momentum of last week. I'm Maxine Shapiro with KERA Marketplace Midday.

Dallas, TX – Is it possible? Could it really be happening? The wage gap between men and women is getting smaller. I'm Maxine Shapiro with KERA Marketplace Midday.

Austin, TX – "This is the first step in what I hope will be significant reform in homeowners insurance," said Rep. John Smithee (R-Amarillo) as the House today took up SB 310, the session's first insurance bill to arrive on the floor of the House.

The bill is on a fast-track in the legislature after Gov. Rick Perry declared insurance legislation as an "emergency" item. It was passed out of the Senate less than a week ago.

Ausitn, TX – Enrolling Texas in the National Scenic Byways program is the goal of legislation filed today by Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound).

At a press conference today, Nelson laid out her plan (SB 511) that also will require the Texas Department of Transportation to develop a system for Texas roadways to meet the qualifications of the federal program. Participation in the program would make Texas eligible for grants for beautification and tourist-friendly highway markers.


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KERA checks in with residents in Northeast Texas following a raid at a factory.

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