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At All-Girls School In Fort Worth, Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tells Students To Be Confident

For Angelica and Diana Canchola, meeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the highlight of their day. The 16-year-old twins introduced Pelosi to their peers and teachers at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in downtown Fort Worth on Monday.

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DALLAS – [Ambient sound from a bar. Man says: This is a list of all the exhibitors and they'll be to your left.]

Suzanne Sprague, KERA 90.1 Reporter: It's a Tuesday afternoon at a giant sports bar in Dallas. Normally, you'd expect to hear talk about the Cowboys and Stars around the pool tables. But today is different. Today is the Pink Slip Happy Hour.

Woman at bar: I worked for Ericsson and back in April I was one of the ones who got laid off in their big lay-off.

DALLAS – Ron Kirk, outgoing Dallas Mayor: I've been so moved by all of the nice things that have been said and written about me in the last several days, I've decided to extend this and invite y'all back next week. (laughter)

Suzanne Sprague, KERA 90.1 Reporter: Amid hugs and humor, applause and a few borderline tears, Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk resigned from the job he called the most rewarding he's ever had.

Dallas, TX – Why should we in Texas care about the controversy over aviation security? Of course, we care because we fly and we want the skies to be safe. There's another reason, and it has to do with what kind of free people we are.In brief, the Senate passed a bill with a number of provisions, which would make all the airline screeners federal employees. Last week, the House passed its bill. It's very close - except, companies in the private sector will hire the screeners.

FORT WORTH – [Ambient sound of crowded room with man yelling, "Registrations, please!"]

Suzanne Sprague, KERA 90.1 Reporter: They came by the busloads.

[Ambient sound of diesel bus pulling away]

Sprague: More than 7,000 out-of-work Texans crammed the training center at American Airlines yesterday, causing a half-mile long traffic backup. They were hoping to find that one perfect job, or at least something part-time to help them through the holidays.

Dallas, TX – There are days that my life as a freelance writer can be summed up with five little words made famous by the deadpan comic Rodney Dangerfield: "I don't get no respect."

It's a sentiment that I've swallowed time and again while explaining why being my own boss, pursuing my own projects, setting up my schedule around family activities and having the liberty to choose who I want to work for is an even trade-off over a steady paycheck and a staff position.


Dallas, TX – Test entry

Dallas, TX – In the Dodge household, we have always admired our daughter, Karen Hoover, for her lifelong refusal to allow herself to be a pi?ata for the rest of the world -to be whacked around by anyone and everyone hoping to enrich themselves in some way at her expense. Putting it in Oprah-speak, a victim. Over the years, when her brother Lowell and I are being over-charged by the check-out girl, sold the wrong part at the auto-part dealer, or muscled around by shoddy workmen, I usually look at Lowell and say, "What would Karen do?"


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Doctors in London say they have apparently eradicated HIV from a patient's body. It's only the second time this has been accomplished, despite many attempts over more than a decade.

While some commentators are calling this a "cure" for HIV, the scientists who performed the experiment say it's too soon to say that. Instead, they say the patient is in remission.

The series of special events marking 183 years since the Mexican Army's siege of the Alamo and the struggle to defend it ends on Wednesday.

Sacramento police arrested 84 people Monday night after demonstrators marched through the city's affluent East Sacramento neighborhood to protest the district attorney's decision not to bring criminal charges against the officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark last March.

Arata Isozaki spent much of his childhood in the shadow of World War II. As a native of the city of Oita, the Japanese architect grew up just across a slim body of water from Hiroshima, where the U.S. dropped the first atomic bomb — and he says he saw firsthand the ease with which proud human achievements could be leveled.

Texas Senate Unanimously Passes $5,000 Teacher Pay Raises, Adding Librarians

2 hours ago

The Texas Senate on Monday unanimously passed a bill that would provide $5,000 annual pay raises for full-time classroom teachers and librarians, at a cost of $4 billion over the next two years.

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