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Police: Gunman In Las Vegas Kills At Least 50 People At Outdoor Concert


And the country singer Jason Aldean was in the middle of his set at an outdoor festival last night in Las Vegas. His band was playing. Thousands of people were listening. And then a sound brought that show to a halt. And just a warning - you're about to hear that sound. It's gunshots fired from the Mandalay Bay Resort into the crowd.



That sound was recorded by Russell Bleck, who was at the scene. We are now told the shots killed upwards of 50 people. Many are injured. We heard from Miguel Martinez-Valle. He's a reporter at FOX5 Las Vegas who was eating dinner nearby when he heard the news.

MIGUEL MARTINEZ-VALLE: So the first thing I heard was people saying it was during the Jason Aldean part of the concert. And they heard what they thought were firecrackers or fireworks or something. They just heard the boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And it wasn't until people started running and people started, you know, freaking out that they really realized how serious that was.

GREENE: Martinez-Valle spoke to concertgoers who were fleeing the scene.

MARTINEZ-VALLE: So the way that the festival's set up - it's kind of this lot. And then it's fenced in. They said that the fences came down. People actually trampled the fences trying to get out to run away from the area. And people didn't know which direction to go.

GREENE: People were clearly, clearly shaken.

MARTINEZ-VALLE: This being such a big entertainment city, and this being, you know, the place that so many people go to vacation, police here don't take security lightly. So, you know, they try to be overprepared. And it's kind of one of those - you know, you hear it time and time again. And I've been hearing it all day today. You never expect it to happen in your city.

INSKEEP: That's Miguel Martinez-Valle, a reporter at FOX5 Las Vegas. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.