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NPR News Nuggets: Terrorizing Pig, (Sort Of) Flying Pig & Wigs

This pig looks more like Wilbur and is probably nicer than Piggy Smalls, the pig that terrorized an Oregon town since last November.
Armin Weigel
AFP/Getty Images
This pig looks more like Wilbur and is probably nicer than Piggy Smalls, the pig that terrorized an Oregon town since last November.

Here's a quick roundup of some of the mini-moments you may have missed on this week's Morning Edition.

Pig of terror

Since November, the townspeople of Forest Grove, Ore. have been singing "Piggy, piggy, piggy can't you see, sometimes your antics just terrorize me." OK, maybe they haven't been singing that, but there has been a pig, dubbed by the locals as "Piggy Smalls" or the "Notorious P.I.G., that has been disrupting the peace. As Morning Editionhost David Greene said on Monday, Piggy's trail of terror can be traced through the Forest Grove police blog starting on Nov. 18, 2016 when a citizen reported a pig in the bushes near 17th Avenue. That day Piggy eluded capture and then continued to harass residents — until now. A joint task force apprehended the little hog and released him to animal rescue.

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Get wiggy with it

I doubt anyone is wigging out over this decision, but the official word is that the wigs are out. As Morning Editionhost Steve Inskeep said on Tuesday, clerks no longer have to wear wigs in Britain's parliament. The members have worn wigs for more than 300 years, but with this change, the arliament speaker says the body will seem "marginally less stuffy." Clerks have said the change will also cut down on itchy scalps. Oh, and if you didn't hear this news earlier, it's probably because it got buried when the Parliament speaker said President Donald Trump may not address lawmakers.

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Obama's return to the water

There are perks to being president, and there are perks to not being president. Former President Barack Obama knows these perks well. One of the perks of not being president anymore is that Obama can jump back in and enjoy his favorite water sports. As Morning Editionhost Rachel Martin said on Wednesday, these sports were too risky when he was president. From the look of the photos, and the video, Obama's visit to the British Virgin Islands with Richard Branson was a success. Obama looks as if he's is having a blast while getting the hang of kitesurfing. The Hawaii native is all smiles.


This little piggy went to the airport. Her name is LiLou and while she may not fly, she helps those who do. As Morning Editionhost Steve Inskeep said on Thursday, LiLou works as a therapy animal at the San Francisco airport and offers relief to stressed out travelers. Can you imagine? Trying to get all your bags through security, finding out your gate changed and your flight is actually leaving from a different terminal and then this little pig shows up? Yeah, that'd brighten my day, too. LiLou isn't the only animal working at the airport, but she sure is working her blue tutu.

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Wynne Davis is a digital reporter and producer for NPR's All Things Considered.