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Commercial For Nicer Living: The Gift Of Doing Nothing


Too much information running through your brain? Need a little reminder of something that could help? Well, we've got you covered with another commercial for nicer living.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: In a world where everyone's on and no one's unplugged, where being busy is a badge of honor, where the race from the gym to the office to the car pool and to the kitchen is unrelenting, when your spouse asks, what should we do for dinner and your boss demands, I need this ASAP every single day and silence and solitude is only achieved when your phone battery dies, we bring you a new kind of hero.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Nothing - yes, nothing - just nothing - nada, no phone, no Netflix, no cooking, no laundry, no Snapchat, no scrolling, no swiping left or right. Nothing is here to save you.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Coming to a quiet space near you this February.

CORNISH: Yeah, that radio ad was written by listener Jennifer Harmon of Belle Isle, Fla., for our Commercials for Nicer Living Project. We had more than 2,000 suggestions for things that make life better, and we picked five to turn into radio commercials. You can check out our other favorites - ear scratches, puns, trees and yummy words - at

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