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Yusheng: A Dish To Toss In The air To Celebrate The Chinese New Year

In Western culture, it's tradition to wish others a happy New Year. For the Lunar New Year, celebrated this past week, many people with roots in Southeast Asia have another tradition: a dish called Yusheng, which in English translates to "Prosperity Toss" — and which will probably end up on the floor.

This colorful dish, which can also be interpreted as "an increase in abundance," or simply "good luck," comprises raw fish, herbs, spices and fresh and pickled fruits and vegetables. And it is prepared for the specific purpose of throwing up in the air.

Alex Wong, who immigrated to the U.S from Malaysia in the 1980s, leaving his family behind, invited NPR and several of his American friends to his Laurel, Md., home to watch him prepare his mother's recipe for Yusheng.

Once the meal is done, the tossing process begins. All participants insert their chopsticks into the plate and toss the salad while loudly offering wishes of prosperity.

See the photo gallery above to join the celebration.

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