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At Texas Book Festival, Design And Preservation Give Print A Future

Sci-fi, historical fiction, and design as a route to intimate exchange with readers: "Bats Of The Republic."

KERA's Think just wrapped a week of broadcasting in Austin with two Texas Book Festival authors who relish the hard copy's preciousness.

Zachary Dodson designed and illustrated "Bats of the Republic," his interactive novel made of handwritten letters and maps of a dystopian Texas. And Toni Tipton-Martin does justice to 200 years of African-American cookbooks in "The Jemima Code." Listen to both hours here for a preview of the festival. 

  • Zachary Dodson tells Krys Boyd about the pleasure his characters take in using pen and paper when they're banned, and how that influenced the intricate design of his book. 

  • Jerome Weeks explores "Bats Of the Republic" - the "strangest, most elaborate novel to come out of Texas," he says - for Art&Seek.

  • Toni Tipton-Martin honors African-American cooks - including those who created dishes whites took credit for after slavery ended - in this episode of "Think." She tells Krys Boyd why she keeps the recipes of unsung culinary artists like Malinda Russell in a gun safe. 

"Think" with Krys Boyd: Toni Tipton-Martin, "The Jemima Code"

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Lyndsay Knecht is assistant producer for Think.