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From The Newsroom: Introducing The Broken Hip; A Sitdown With Dewhurst

Dane Walters
Last October, Jeanette Mariani was an independent 87-year-old – living alone in Dallas and getting around with a walker. Then she broke her hip.";

In today's Morning Edition local block from the KERA Newsroom: One of every five people who breaks a hip after age 50 dies within a year. That's why KERA's launching a new series today -- it's called "The Broken Hip." 

Over the next two months, Lauren Silverman will explore what a catalytic event a broken hip can be. Today: The biggest danger isn't the hip fracture itself -- it's the complications. And Shelley Kofler sits down with David Dewhurst as the Republican race for lieutenant governor heats up. Then we sample compelling student films by UTA students being shown at The Modern in Fort Worth.

Lyndsay Knecht is assistant producer for Think.