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Study Up For 'Think:' How Does A Blind Man Paint? Watch A North Texas Artist In Action

John Bramblitt
“For me, the world’s a lot more colorful now than it was when I had sight,” Bramblitt says.";s:3:

John Bramblitt started losing his sight when he was 11, because of a seizure disorder. He makes striking paintings by drawing with fabric paint and, using the raised lines as a guide, filling in with oil paint. Watch him at work before he joins Think host Krys Boyd along with Meadows Museum Director of Education Dr. Carmen Smith at noon.

“The great thing about oil paints is that they’re made from different substances. The colors actually feel different when you touch them," he tells Veria Living in this art therapy video. "Like, white is really thick. And burnt sienna is kind of clumpy, and sort of like jelly. Black is a little bit more runny,” he says.

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Lyndsay Knecht is assistant producer for Think.