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Texas Town's Warning: Watch Out For ‘Noisy, Messy’ Cattle Egrets That Brought Down A Plane

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Leaders of a North Texas city have warned about the expected return of pesky cattle egrets after a bird strike brought down a military jet last year.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: President Obama visits Fort Hood today; Wichita Falls issues a bird warning; what’s a Dallas bro?; and more.

Leaders of a North Texas city have warned about the expected return of pesky egrets after a bird strike brought down a military jet last year. A statement from the city of Wichita Falls says "noisy, messy" cattle egrets are likely to return in the next few weeks. Cattle egrets carry mites and make a mess with droppings. Wichita Falls leaders are urging residents to make noise to scare away the foot-tall creatures or contact city officials to help amid health and aviation concerns. Investigators at Sheppard Air Force Base determined a cattle egret strike last July caused an $8 million training jet to crash. Two pilots suffered minor injuries when they ejected. [The Associated Press]

  • One week after the deadly shooting at Fort Hood, a memorial service will be held today – and President Barack Obama is scheduled to attend. It’s at 2 p.m. at Fort Hood’s Sadowski Field. Last Wednesday, Specialist Ivan Lopez killed three soldiers and wounded 16 others before he committed suicide. The Houston Chronicle notes: “The visit is the second the president has made to Fort Hood in 4½ years to remember the victims of shootings that took place a mile apart on the post.” Obama spoke in Fort Hood following the earlier shooting spree in 2009, when 13 soldiers and civilians were killed, and 32 others were wounded. Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan said he waged jihad that day against his fellow soldiers. A jury sentenced him to death.

  • Did you know that since 1999, there’s been a live-streaming webcam that captures Dealey Plaza? Now it’s in high-definition. The Dallas Morning News reports: “On Monday EarthCam upgraded the unblinking eyeball onto Elm Street, prompting this exclamatory tweet from the folks who are always watching: ‘Our Dealey Plaza cam is now HD! We teamed up with @SixthFlrMuseum to offer the only view from the #JFK sniper’s perch.’” Some aren’t pleased: “Seriously, turning an assassination into sport?” and “Sick and wrong.”

  • Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? Collin College hosts its second annual National Poetry Month event at 5 p.m. today. It’s called "Off the Page and On-Campus: A Celebration of National Poetry Month” and it’s taking place at the Preston Ridge Campus’ conference center. Today’s event will feature the poetry of R. Flowers Rivera, author of Troubling Accents, and Leslie Richardson, whose poetry has been published in The Paris Review.

  • Yo – what’s a bro? And how is a Dallas bro different from other bros? Let’s let Jezebel explain: “A bro is a young, usually unmarried, often immature guy who just does what everyone else his age seems to be doing. He's not necessarily a bad guy, he's not necessarily worthy of derision … He's just figuring life out and trying to enjoy himself in the process.” But each city has different bro standards. So Jezebel breaks it down. Here’s a field guide to the Dallas Bro: For his uniform, “the Dallas (or Houston) Bro is a hybrid of many bro styles; a frankenbro if you will. Like the Mid-Atlantic bro, the Dallas Bro enjoys boat shoes without socks and pastel shirts. Like the Midwestern bro, the Dallas Bro loves a good pair of comfortable shorts and the occasional visor. Like the Red State bro, the Dallas bro sometimes wears gingham button downs. And like the Country Bro, the Dallas bro appreciates the value of a good pair of leather Redwing boots.” A Dallas Bro works in oil, gas, real estate or insurance. He drinks brown liquors. His secret shame? He wants to find a wife by the time he’s in his late 20s. His celeb “brospiration?” “Matthew McConaughey, obviously.” Read up on the other city bros at Jezebel.

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