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Study Up For 'Think': Texas Crashes on Standardized Tests


After leading the charge for accountability in public education, how did Texas land in the center of a revolt against standardized tests? We’ll find out with Texas Monthly senior editor Nate Blakeslee, who traces the evolution of high-stakes testing in his story "Crash Test," at 1 p.m.

Blakeslee witnesses the rise of the Texas Miracle,  President George W. Bush's imaginings of an accountability movement reliant on standardized tests and measurable outcomes in public schools during the early '90s, when he ran for president the first time. His ideas became the No Child Left Behind Law, which wasn't merely a change in the philosophy and rules of public education. Student assessment ballooned into a huge industry - $1.7 billion huge.

Cut to 2013, when parents - and even a few kids -are testifying against a multiple-choice formative education before the legislature. Read the piece here.

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