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President Obama Employs Mavericks' 2011 Victory Jam

Connecticut Senate Democrats

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Obama scores a circle of wins, Erica Grieder on the contagious genius of Texas, high stakes for the arts in municipal elections and more.

President Obama didn't waste any time before getting down to swagger business at the White House Correspondent's Dinner on Saturday. As he walked out at the annual comedic roast/toast, the predictable ceremony of "Hail to the Chief" switched to DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win." The song will sound familiar to anyone who popped into a sports bar during the spring and early summer of 2011: The Mavs used the song during their ascent in the 2011 NBA Championship, which they won, of course.

"Rush Limbaugh warned you about this," Obama told the crowd. "Second term, baby. We're changing things around here a little bit." 

The president also used visuals to rep his plans for the "Blame Bush Library," which he "hopes" to open next to the Bush Library and Presidential Center in Dallas. [NPR]

  • Seven of America's 25 most economically sound metros are in Texas, according to the Milken's Best-Performing Cities index. (Fort Worth-Arlington and Dallas-Plano-Irving make the top 15.) Richard Florida explains the clear connection between "talent, human capital, and skill and metro performance" in the analysis of these areas. And the well-faring continues:  Texas claims 4 of the top 12 "boomtowns" in America - the fastest growing cities according to Bloomberg. Dallas Fort-Worth is number 11.

  • So it's safe to say our state is a pretty big deal right now. Erica Grieder, senior editor for Texas Monthly, will be here in the Think studios today to talk about how Texas' culture of business will affect the country at large. Her new book is Big, Hot, Cheap and Right: What America Can Learn from the Strange Genius of Texas, and she's in town for two area events via the World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort Worth. Find more info on the Think page.

  • Early voting begins today for municipal elections in North Texas. Dallas' District 14 is in the spotlight as the Arts District calls it home. More than ever, the arts gets billing as a money-maker and tourist draw for the city -- and that could change Dallas' track record in cutting arts funding. KERA's Jerome Weeks asked all the City Council candidates what their positions are on sources for arts funding and a possible PID (public improvement district) tax, a small tax on downtown businesses that would help maintain the park and maybe the whole district. [Art&Seek]

  • The Omni Hotel is grabbing all the attention in Dallas' nightscape these days, what with the "Love Life" messages and tropi-psych color schemes in its light displays.  But lest we forget, Reunion Tower is celebrating its 35th birthday as a skyline-definer. The Dallas Morning News has a retrospective slide show and ten facts about the tower's inception. Ever wonder how much wind that thing can safely take? According to a test at Texas A&M University, 125 mph.
Lyndsay Knecht is assistant producer for Think.