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Going Places: A Spring Break Staycation

DB's Travels

Five stories that have North Texas talking:  A road trip that’s lasted decades, U.S. states as high school stereotypes, a Dallas escape for local personalities and more.

Photographer James H. Evans felt the quiet expanse of West Texas whisper a challenge. So he moved near Big Bend National Park – one of the least-visited state parks in the country – in 1988 and still lives there, still taken by the sense of community. His portraits of hardy neighbors and subtler dusty details make NPR’s Picture Show blog.

  • Without an overseas jaunt, it’s sometimes easy to forget how young our country is by comparison. So let’s think for a sober minute about the U.S. as a giant high school, with each state representing a particular teenage stereotype. Redditors opened a discussion on just that and the thread was bombarded with extended metaphors for state identity. The Atlantic Cities pulled a few of the best (arguably offensive) answers. One conflicted Texas comment:
“ … the quarterback. Makes good enough grades, takes an AP class or two, occasionally has a discipline issue. Also, he's an [expletive] but not in any overt way; you can just tell he thinks he's better than you. Occasionally you find yourself proud when he notices something you did well, and then you feel stupid because, seriously, he's kind of an [expletive] and why do you care? He'll end up running his father's car dealership after getting an MBA at a state school."

  • We told you that fact and fiction would meet at JR Ewing’s funeral on last night’s episode of Dallas. Watch Mayor Mike Rawlings, Mark Cuban, and Jerry Jones shake hands and play somber.

  • Traveling around these parts is about to get easier, thanks to the beginning of street conversions in downtown Dallas tomorrow. Federal Street will run two ways instead of one from Akard to Ervay. More one-ways will get two-wayed in a slow roll-out over the coming months.  [Dallas Morning News]

Lyndsay Knecht is assistant producer for Think.