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Study Up For ‘Think’: A New Deal For Texas’ State Parks

Bryan Frazier
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

The legacy of Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees can be seen all over Texas parks. More than 1,000 buildings and features – their work -- remain from that era in the ‘30s. But how did the New Deal program affect the parks system on a grand scale? Cynthia Brandimarte of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department talks to Think host Krys Boyd today at 1 p.m. about our endangered parks and their contributive past.

Texas parks have been through a lot the past few years, what with wildfires, droughts and cycles of budget cuts. Struggling parks could see closures this legislative session as both the House and the Senate allocate significantly less money in proposed budgets for TPW. Today, four large park areas in the state – 48,000 acres’ worth – are still closed because of a lack of funding.

Dig into the Civilian Conservation Corps’ history via archival video footage and photos from TPW. 

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