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Bigfoot Spotted on Sixth Street

And now for something completely different: KUT News’ pals  at StateImpact Texas point to reports that a Nacogdoches veterinarian claims to have sequenced Bigfoot’s DNA.

Melba Ketchum says she’s plotted the genetic makeup of the elusive cryptid via DNA from hair, blood and tissue samples. (Maybe not so surprisingly, many folks still have questions.)

StateImpact Texas also reminds us that, should you come across an ornery Yeti, yes, it is legal to kill it in Texas. “Bigfoot would be a non-protected wild animal,” Texas Parks and Wildlife’s L. David Sinclair told StateImpact Texas earlier this year.

KUT News is relatively new to the Bigfoot beat, but a good local source for all your Bigfoot news is Austin’s , located on Sixth Street. The museum has a section dedicated to Bigfoot, and its website has all the info you need on the big fella, including a recent alleged  sighting in East Texas

Steve Busti /

“I’ve been keeping close tabs on this story; it’s been developing the last few years,” says museum owner Steve Busti. “I think it’s really big news.”

But how does one get into that line of work exaclty?

“One of my earliest experiences as a young child was when I got to see this Bigfoot-like creature that was in a sideshow,” Busti says. “It was this body frozen in ice. Today it’s known as the Minnesota Iceman."

“Today its been proven as a hoax," he says. "But when I was a kid it sparked my imagination.”

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