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Blue and Silver, and Pink? Victoria’s Secret Sets Up Shop With Cowboys

Steve Carlton

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Undies at halftime, peanut butter recalled, Cruz vs. Sadler and more.

Ever find yourself stuck at Cowboys Stadium with an underwear jones? No, we haven’t, either. Nevertheless, when the ‘Boys kick off their home schedule tonight against the Chicago Bears, they’ll have some new retail neighbors: the girls from Victoria’s Secret.

Forbes reports that the new Victoria’s Secret at Cowboys Stadium will sell sweats and tank tops from the store’s Pink line stamped with the Cowboys logo. And yes, there’ll be lingerie. Marketplace this morning cast the new shop as a retail win because of the mammoth captive audience.

Though the company has co-branding rights for the logos of 32 teams, it’s the first time VS has put a store in a sports arena. In other news, Unfair Park reports Dallas may acquire a bikini basketball league franchise.

Due diligence: You might want to take a pregame look at Lauren Greenfield’s documentary ‘Thin’.

-- Lyndsay Knecht

Check The Labels: Salmonella Scare Leads To Peanut Butter Recall

Another peanut butter recall, another frantic rummage through the cabinet to make sure it isn’t your spread of choice: the AP reports that PB and other nut products sold at Whole Foods Market and Harry and David among others are being yanked from shelves.

Sunland, Inc. sells its products to food distributors and stores nationwide. The first word of this came Saturday, when a Trader Joe’s line of peanut butter, made by Sunland, was recalled. See a full list here.

-- Lyndsay Knecht

Could Fakeaccino Drinkers Herald A Texas Swing?

As President Obama and Mitt Romney prepare to debate on Wednesday, analysts continue to wonder when (if?) Texas could become a swing state. Well, Ted Cruz says not this time. The Houston Chronicle reports that Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is drawing a line in the sand.

Good thing he’s not drawing a line in the 7-Eleven coffee grounds, though. Because the convenience giant’s every-four- years silly survey of coffee drinkers shows Obama with a big lead, even in the deep-red Lone Star State. (Hat tip to Jeff Whittington for the map.)

-- Lyndsay Knecht

We’ll Have A No-Fat, No-Foam Debate Venti, Please

The betting here is that coffee won’t come up when Cruz and his Democratic foe, Paul Sadler, face off in their firstdebate Tuesday night at WFAA-Channel 8 in Dallas. The pair will also meet up in a Oct. 19 debate that KERA’s hosting.

Our own Shelley Kofler has moderator duties for that Friday-night matchup, which will air at 7 p.m. on KERA-Channel 13 and 90.1 FM, as well as stations across the state.

-- Rick Holter

Fighting Tooth And Nail To Battle Stress And OCD

Today’s Health Checkupaddresses an ailment pretty much universal in these times: stress. KERA’s Sam Baker asked author Paul Huljich how important basic lifestyle changes are in treating and preventing symptoms of mental illness. To Huljich, it isn’t even about symptoms. He points to root mindsets, such as trying to satisfy bosses, spouses and friends, as the first culprits to face.

Bad habits that can indicate problems that are often overlooked. Amy Standen, of NPR member station KQED in San Francisco, bit her nails for 30 years, and talked to doctors about the compulsion on today’s Morning Edition.

Pathological grooming like scalp-picking or hair-pulling can point to bigger issues -- doctors say the same genetic mutation found in those with OCD belong to habitual groomers as well. Actions like those will now be classified as obsessive compulsive behavior in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

-- Lyndsay Knecht

And a High Five Monday bonus:

* KERA’s rockin’ sibling, KXT 91.7, has the largest audience of any public radio station with a Triple-A format in the country. From the “Top 22” blog:

In the spring Arbitron ratings, the station led all public radio AAA-formatted music stations with a weekly audience of 308,800. Not bad for a station that has yet to reach its third birthday.

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