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iPhone Release Becomes Ritual With Fifth Model

Rick Holter

If you missed the reminder on Morning Edition, lines are snaking around the four corners: Apple’s iPhone5 is now in stores.

One guy in a San Francisco queue was paid $55 to hold a spot for four hours -- about a fourth of the new model’s cost.

Gov. Rick Perry Says No, Again, To Medicaid Expansion

Demographers at Rice University did the numbers on how some 6 million Texans who don't have insurance would fare under the Affordable Care Act. Unfair Park has the story. It includes a statement from Gov Perry that, despite the optional Medicaid expansion's potential to reduce the number of uninsured Texans by half, the governor will not allow the state to become "a mere appendage of the federal government."

Harris Executed for Irving Massacre

Robert Wayne Harris was executed yesterday for killing five former coworkers at a car wash in Irving 12 years ago. WFAA’s Jonathan Betz reported from the execution in Huntsville, where Harris assured his family he was “going home” and made reference to the Texas Rangers in his last words.

One Cheeseburger, Please, Hold Partisan Opinions

Does swag advertising a political candidate or idea affect business, even if the barbeque would normally be too good to pass up? NPRhas a story on how campaign presence can repel or attract customers as election season heats up.

By the way, our fall pledge drive starts today. Here's how to give.