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From Our Readers On Dylan's Electric Guitar: 'That Is Chutzpah'

We told readers not to "get excited" in our headline about PBS' History Detectives potentially misidentifying a guitar from Bob Dylan's first electric performance. Our commenters took our advice, but they certainly showed some ire that the guitar, famous or not, would not have been returned to the artist in the first place.

Says "c g:" "It's not rock star memorabilia until the rock star is dead. As long as Bob Dylan is still alive, that stuff is called his Gear, and taking it is stealing."

In regards to Dawn Peterson's request to Dylan's lawyers that he waive claim to the instrument, "Lily Davis" pronounces: "That is chutzpah."

She continues:

"While Dylan may not be completely lucid, I do think that as an artist he would know if he didn't have that guitar. Every guitarist I know can tell you what guitars they have owned over the years, even the ones who don't remember anything else about the 60's and 70's."

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Marissa Alioto