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Why Buy Toys When You Can Rent?


Speaking of traditions, it's that time of year again. And if you've been out shopping for gifts at a toy store lately, you know that you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on just a few items. And kids are notorious beggars for that must-have toy, a toy they seem to forget about a few weeks later. So why not just rent the toys?

Just like a DVD rental plan with monthly fees, there are a few websites out there that let you select toys online that are then mailed to your house. Shipping charges are free, by the way. And when your kid gets tired of them, you just send them back and the company sends you the next toys in your queue. The concept has gotten some big name support.

One site that's called Toy Guru got a boost earlier this year when business mogul Mark Cubin signed on as an investor. So for the low, low price of, say, $24.99, you can get yourself a bucket of toys that you can keep for a couple of months, which is just about when your kids will be completely over them.

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