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Nevada Caucus Explainer


A footnote now on how the Nevada caucuses will work.


For the Democrats, the Nevada Delegate Selection Plan and Affirmative Action Plan is 65 pages long. In essence it says, this will be a lot like Iowa.

BLOCK: Democrats gather at 11 tomorrow morning. Once again, viability is key.

SIEGEL: Caucus goers will break into groups to indicate their preferred candidates. Groups without enough people will be declared nonviable and their members will have to go join the group of a different candidate.

BLOCK: Now, the Republicans will get together earlier at nine in the morning.

SIEGEL: They speak on behalf of their favorites candidates and then vote by secret ballot.

BLOCK: By caucusing, participants are actually selecting delegates to the county convention, who will go on to elect state delegates, who'll go on to the national convention to pick a presidential nominee.

SIEGEL: And you can read more about the issues and politics at stake in Nevada's primaries at Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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