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Nigella Lawson's Eat-and-Run Breakfast Ideas

These days, it seems everyone's in a rush in the morning. It's all most of us can do to shower and get out of the door, never mind starting the day with a healthy breakfast. But celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has ideas for a quick and tasty morning meal.

In her new cookbook, called Nigella Express, Lawson offers 130 recipes for preparing foods fast.

"It's the only time of day, really, when I make myself eat," she tells Renee Montagne. "Because although I need breakfast, I often find if I get up very early, it's quite hard to eat first thing. But I have made that ultimate sacrifice."

Lawson says two of her recipes — for buttery avocado bruschetta and healthy breakfast bars ("If you can buy them, you can make them," she says) — are substantive enough to feel like a meal even though no knives or forks are involved in eating them.

"You can cook very well for yourself without it being strenuous or time-consuming," Lawson says.

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