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A Frothy, Festive Toast with Alton Brown

The holiday lights are twinkling and the frenzied shopping rush has begun. It's only a matter of time before you'll be gathered with friends and family with that yearly glass of eggnog in hand. Rich, frothy and laden with booze, eggnog — whether you love it or hate it — is an inevitable part of the yuletide tradition.

Many holiday revelers — presumably, those who've only tried a few sips of the supermarket variety — turn their noses up at the gooey concoction. Culinary wizard Alton Brown shows that a homemade batch of eggnog can be the best treat of the season — especially if you're using Brown's personal recipe.

The host of The Food Network show Good Eats gives a toast to the holidays with the festive cocktail in its original form and as a frozen dessert.

Jesse Baker produced this report for broadcast.

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