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Charles de Ledesma tells us about Afrobeat, the latest music trend in dance clubs in London. Afrobeat originated in Lagos, Nigeria in the late 1960s. It borrows heavily from American jazz, funk, and soul, mixing in local rhythms and styles. In London, Afrobeat has been popular for years among the Nigerian community there, and could be heard in local world music dance spots. But now DJs in the larger, swankier, techno and house music dance clubs are incorporating Afrobeat samples into their music. They even play some of the original recordings from the genre's early days of the 60s and 70s. A new CD, called The Shrine presents Afrobeat is a great compilation, with many of these original recordings from West Africa, along with some new remixes by today's young DJs in London. (4:00) The CD is The Shrine presents Afrobeat, copyright 2000, Union Square Music.

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