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Journalists MONICA YANT KINNEY and TOM GINSBURG[Floating :30 I

Journalists MONICA YANT KINNEY and TOM GINSBURGRock critic KEN TUCKER considers what pop music Al Gore and vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman might use tonight at the conclusion of their convention. Linguist GEOFF NUNBERG takes a look at the trouble the media had trying to find the words to describe vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman.12:58:30 NEXT SHOW PROMO (:29) PROMO COPY On the next fresh air . . .the aftermath of the protests in Philadelphia. . . As the Democratic convention continues in L.A. we take a look at how protestors were treated in Philadelphia -- we talk with journalists MONICA YANT KINNEY and TOM GINSBURG. Join us for the next fresh air.

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