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White Rock Lake

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Just in time for July Fourth, organizations at White Rock Lake in Dallas can return to normal after a sewage spill last week prompted city officials to suspend all water recreation activities.

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A burst pipe has sent over one million gallons of raw sewage into White Rock Creek, the North Texas Municipal Water District confirmed.

Anticipating sewage would flow into White Rock Lake, the Dallas Parks and Recreation staff directed lake partners and organizations Thursday to pause all water recreation activities until further notice.

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A 170-year-old black willow tree in Dallas was cut down last week. The city says it was an accident.

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Several Dallas city workers saved a colleague after his pickup truck plunged into a cold creek and stranded him in water up to his neck.

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After a show of heavy opposition by area residents, developers who hoped to build a restaurant on White Rock Lake have suspended their plans. KERA's Shelley Kofler reported last week that Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf issued a statement saying "the present time is not the right time" to move ahead.

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A spokesperson for developers Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf says they have decided to suspend their efforts to build a restaurant on Boy Scout Hill in Dallas' White Rock Lake Park.

The announcement follows a raucous meeting Tuesday night with 500 vocal opponents, most of whom live near the park.  Many objected to giving up two-and-a half acres of open space and native blackland prairie for a moderately upscale restaurant and 160 parking spots.

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Residents near Dallas’ White Rock Lake unloaded on developers Tuesday night as they pitched their plan for building a restaurant in the park at a location known as Boy Scout Hill.

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A standing-room only crowd is expected Tuesday night when developers try to sell East Dallas residents on their plan to build a restaurant in White Rock Lake Park. So far, opposition from those living near the lake has been loud and far outweighs any visible community support.

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An East Dallas group of residents is talking about creating an independent school district for the White Rock Lake area. They say the Dallas school district is too big and mismanaged. Former State Rep. Allen Vaught created a Facebook page, which now has more than 2,500 likes.

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A group of parents who live around White Rock Lake in East Dallas wants to split from the Dallas Independent School District. That’s right, the group wants to secede and create a new school district it’s calling White Rock ISD. But the hurdles are high.

Another round of aerial spraying for mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus is scheduled tonight for the Dallas area.

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At 12:38 the City of Dallas released a statement saying Dallas Arboretum attendance during the weekend opening of the Chihuly exhibit did not require overflow parking at White Rock Lake. However, the city did not rule out converting areas near White Rock's Winfrey Point to parking.

Parking Lot Opponents Monitor Winfrey Point

May 7, 2012

It remained unclear Sautrday if or when the city of Dallas will mow the Winfrey Point grasslands at White Rock Lake. An official with the Dallas Arboretum says patrons will need to use the fields for overflow parking. 

More than 200 protesters peacefully marched to the Dallas Arboretum Saturday morning carrying signs that read "Don't Pave Paradise", "No Parking" and "Help Save Winfrey Point." 

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Update: 4 p.m.: 

Dallas officials have announced they will not allow the fields to be mowed this weekend or designate the area for extra Arboretum parking -- even though it's now technically in the city's power to do so. Frank Librio, City of Dallas public information officer, sent the following statement:

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Plans to turn native prairie into a parking lot have galvanized environmentalists and residents near White Rock Lake. They’ve mounted a petition drive and filed a lawsuit against officials with the city and the Dallas Arboretum, which wants to use the fields for parking. Thursday advocates with the Pave the Lake blog posted private city emails about the plans dating back to January 2011.