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March for Life

Courtney Collins / KERA news

Across the nation and the throughout the state, people took to the streets this weekend. Thousands showed up in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston-- and beyond, for the second annual Women's March.

The signs were as diverse as the crowd.

Once more, the National Mall has swelled with demonstrators.

Just a week after President Trump's inauguration at the Capitol and six days after the Women's March on Washington, abortion-rights opponents were raising their voices in the nation's capital. The annual rally they call the March for Life attracted demonstrators from across the country Friday.

Marchers — many of them women — are descending on Washington, D.C., to send a message about abortion to the Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress.

If that sounds like déjà vu, it's not: What the organizers call the March for Life is a protest against legalized abortion, unlike the Women's March last week, which included support for abortion rights in its platform.

A different kind of march